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the scientific man

man is still the same today as we were thousands of years ago.

we still have the prejudices, anger, envy, emotions, thoughts, perceptions and outlooks we did back then.

Man’s mind and intellect has not developed much

(besides those who surrender their souls to King of Kings, The One God Only, and try to break away from this common intellectual pattern)

Regardless, eternity doesn’t exist because we’re MORTAL… so much hasn’t changed

Mankind still has the Cave Age Brain, only difference is we’ve got Space Age Weapons.

something i read on a website:


keep your mouth shut. I genuinely believe that the person who talks the least says the most. Dale Carnegie wrote a best selling book entitled ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People.’ One of the key premises of this book was that everyone’s favorite subject is actually themselves and that the sweetest sound to their ears is the sound of their own name.


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