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The Beauty in Patience

Patience is to:

  • tolerate delay
  • have self control
  • keep a happy existence

how to do this successfully is the hard part! I have patience but it is limited, and I really should obtain FULL PATIENCE, so that one would say “she is patient” rather than “often she expresses patience.” Does it simply not fit into my personality? Where do I get a new one?

I know…I must learn to accept that good things come to those who wait. I must reform my perspective on life and slow down. I must realize that progress may also come in small steps and take time.

This Patience Hurts. And there is Pain. This Patience is Nerve Wrecking. And there is Mental Torture. This Patience requires serious Growth, and pertains to fixing mistakes. This Patience means Loving someone who is mentally unstable and very difficult to handle unconditionally for the SAKE OF GOD.

I have no right to complain. I have so much more than MOST people in this world. Although my struggle seems weak compared to the struggle of many, it’s a difficult struggle for me. May God give the Strugglers’ Victory. Truly it would be a beautiful victory indeed. Then, at last, the beauty of patience would shine – the basis foundation behind the psychology of The Prophets.

I know I’ll be running until the end of time…InshAllah…



  mikewalzman wrote @

Your so right about learning patience in small steps. For me I can always be more patient, it’s a practice. I can also relate to seeing my struggles as less than others, but when I compare to others is when I start to lose myself. Everyone has their own issues, it’s all relative. Loved reading your posts!

  Saba Yousaf wrote @

Pray that Allah (swt) give us strength and patience to perservere on the straight (difficult) path, and to control the destructive emotions, such as anger.

  smunknown wrote @

inshAllah. its a constant Jihad(struggle) with ourselves.

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