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A Muslim’s Tears

A Muslims tears are acidic you better keep sharp
just as quickly as they get du’a’s answered
they’ll shatter a cruel heart.
The can purify a heart like recovery from cancer
they are a Muslim’s most secret weapon
A blessing from Allah that everyone is born with
those who let it go to waist lack true wisdom
for it the tears for Allah that get your sins forgiven
its the tears that give the Mujaheddin victory
the tears that help us be humble like the Sufi’s
those very tears that can turn around what seems like destiny
acidic raindrops that trigger Allah’s bountiful mercy.

The Living Dead

The tress are living but they’re really dead
while the snow makes sure to provide their bodies with a soft covering
the illuminating force makes the powder sky look light red
making it a perfect scene worth capturing.
It’s perfection allows ones eyes to appreciate
all the overwhelming beauty death has to give
as it makes it easy to be content with fate
reminding us that the earth holds the dead as well as those who live.
Soon enough like the rest of us, the trees will resurrect,
the white wintry world will disappear, the icicles will melt away.
successful are those who constantly inspect,
and are conscious of their khushu and eeman when they pray.


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