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Who’s to say that just awe walkover the dead easy everyday,
that death wont walk in on us before we get the chance to say
the only testament that can save our souls
For the appointed times for our real lives to start only Allah knows

Lets take care of our death and spend time in our graves
recite Quran & make Salah in it & imitate Sayiddiheh Nafesa’s ways
constantly make dua that our graves be a peaceful place
so like Umar R.A.we won’t fear the Angels and Allah’s Nur will be on our face were taking in acting on the negatives from history like the Ancient Egyptians
because we’re  greedy and obsessed with everything but repentance
instead of focusin on our future were chasin after others ‘acceptances absorbed in our ego’s instead of Obtainin humbleness
it’s gonna hit hard cut not only is He watching but its all be in recorded/
So lets take the positives from the Egyptians and be obsessed w/ death! competing for good deeds instead of Our wealth/
we can be like chemists working carefully to cure our health/
but purifying our souls instead of purifying gold by making it melt
let us be those who are accepted by the Prophet Muhammad (saw)
the kind he (S.AW) world consider clever because we turned our actions into ibadah/
visited the graves and  weeped often/
took advantage of Allah’s wide earth He gave us for his worship
My friends, the Waqi’a is death will always be amongst us
for nothing can stop Allah when He decides to turn our worlds into dust
let us look@ the Ankabut to understand the metaphor/
death is the only reason that we’re even living for.


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  smunknown wrote @

i still need to edit this because i wrote it really quickly on mt tablet and I think it may have read one or two words incorrectly.

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