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so called “education”

The education system needs to be highly reformed. I mean completely. It is designed to make individuals know a lot about nothing and remember nothing about all that is important!!!

I just can’t help to wonder what happened to the idea of apprenticeship. You want to become a doctor? Prove it to a group of people who are already Doctors. Work under them, live with them, learn from them, be like them. Pick up the IMPORTANT stuff, you know, the stuff your actually going to need and use.

If you want to be a chemist, go live with and work under a chemist. If you want to learn how to fix cars for a living, work with and live with a mechanic. Observe, analayze, and be come their life style, the way they think, how they live…BREATHE the profession. Indulge in it.

Not the stress and exams and unnecessary situations that are not meant to occur in life. These stressful sitations pollute our body.. pollute our souls… take us away from whats REAL. What’s real is Allah. Sure, I’m studying chem and bio, so I’m filled in awe with Allah and his miraculous and perfect ways.

But I’m also filled with major stress, having to please people, cram information and learn things just to forget them within a year, take exams, please people, suck up to them, prove myself to them and to a body of people, the more I write about it the more it makes me crazy. Truely this system of education is not genuis. Truly it is eating my brain.

I can be using this memorizing capacity of my brain to memorize Surah’s and Hadiths. I can read a bio book on my own and fill myself with awe towards Allah. I can memorize the 640 to 850 muscles in the human body on my own time and put it to full use and application under apprenticeship and active REAL learning.

If I want to be a Scholar of Islam I should live under someone who is a scholar already. I should know who they learned from, and the chain leading back to the Sahabah (RA) and authentic sources or information. The scholar should be someone I can learn from completely in order for me to apply the information I learn and in order for me to become like them. For if you reside with a type of people for some time, will we not be like them? Surely we will. So if he says Bismillah before everything, and has great patience, speaks and eats less, treats all with kindness, even in the most crazy situations he does not display anger…will I not learn from that and be compelled to be this way? This is the way the scholars and the students used to learn. One scholar would have hundreds of people residing with him. They observed him carefully, he taught them, they memorized, but SubhanAllah how easy it was because they were ACTIVELY learning.

The problems with todays educational system can be analyzed in ethical ways as well if you want to look outside of religion. It is just crazy. Its been discussed for ages, and it’s summed up pretty well over here :

Theres a lot of alternative schooling options out there, lots of theories, ideas, some are even put into play. But in reality, it appears to me that there is nothing more perfect than the described model above. Living with your techer.



  algharibah wrote @

So what do you want to be?

Yes very true the stuff we need to remeber at university. After you graduate you can do a brain “data dump”, and make some space for those beautiful Ayat of Qur’an.

  algharibah wrote @

i had to open a wordpress id to make comments on your blog. I am the same alghariba that uses wordpress.

  smunknown wrote @

well I am in the process of obtaining my bachelors in Health Science. I only have a yr left but I’m also hating every second of it so a year is really a year too much especially with hijrah on my mind topics such as ridiculous school systems make me want to quit. I’ve got the summer to decide I suppose but the summer is months away and months too long and death is always lurking behind me if you know what I mean?

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