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Okay so I have been praying Istikhara about Hijrah and thinking about it a lot…and SubhanAllah I am not sure if I am interpretting the series of events in my life correctly. I just got into 2 car accidents in 8 days. I don’t even want to drive again but I NEED to, unfortunatley.  Both were definitely not my fault (Allahu’alim) and the first one left me with a bruised and pouring bloody nose.

Accident #1

Accident #1

My car is the one to the left.

Anyway accident number two wasn’t so bad Alhamdullilah, but I was already in such a shaken state when it happened because of the first accident. When it happened, I remember thinking, “Okay, this time I’m done,” as i tried to sverwe my car as far away from any type of impact as possible. The woman gave me cash on the spot since the damages weren’t so bad (under $1,000 anyway) and no physical injuries happened.

Now I’m wondering if this is a sign, that I may end up dying in darulkuff and perhaps I need to make Hijrah right away. I am content with the events of the past week, for surely there is great wisdom in it and it is what is best for me, but now I’m wondering how to interpret it properly.


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