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I fell the for the lines, the ideas, the lies, still playing at the top of my minds’ headlines. I’m bound by chains as a slave to this madness, of serious climbing that led to transgress, and a hard slap in the face, to break the ego built on praise. Fooled to think the good outweighed, but I was in the shadow of the path that looks just like the right way, and I’m glad there wasn’t a reason for me to stay, instead there was a message to receive because of a message that was conveyed. Outer skins’ everything but dolce, and the reality lies in the x-ray, although the interpretation depends on the beholders’ claim. Reminder to do everything for the sake of defame, rather than worthless acts done in vain, and although the journey has been well tread, disguises can cause one to be misled. Eyes wide open before any blood shed, still time for amends and to leave regrets unsaid.


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