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heart attack

Heart Attack

The pain of loving for the sake of Allah when they don’t love you back
The pain of holding on when you start to get off track
The pain the heart feels when it’s under attack
from sin and anger and it begins to turn black
The fear – oh the fear – what if I can’t get it back?
The pain provides me with a smack to get back on track
My heart desires to find the root and declare an attack
fists clenched, face drenched, all dressed in black
Approach with the best tactic, attack from the back

Leave those who helped guide away from the right track
Dropping bombs on my Eeman like my heart was Iraq?
I’d rather be among the souls who Jannah attracts!
Instead of those whose faces turn black when presented with the facts.

The emotional pain – my heart will always react
The pain the heart feels when it thinks of the Abstract
The pain caused by external factors that leave unfortunate impacts
The fear- oh the fear- am I selfish for wanting to subtract
all the sources of the realities that pain my heart and distract?

The pain of putting forth efforts to prevent another heart attack.



  Umm Khawla wrote @

Ahh.. I don’t think I know you sis, but I absolutely loved this. Very beautiful masha’Allaah 🙂

  smunknown wrote @

jazakumAllahukhair Sister 🙂

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