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in Surah Taubah, Allah says that “Men of Eman and Woman of Eman are the helpers of one another, they teach good and forbid the evil and keep Salat and give Zakat and obey the order of God and His Messenger. These are those people who God shall have Mercy. No doubt, Allah is All Powerful, All Wise.” (71)

The verse comes right after the verses that explain the vices of the Hypocrites, since the Hypocrites teach vice while the Believers teach virtue. The hypocrites try to make the people averse to Eman and good deeds by presenting a horrible picture of Eman and Islam. They teach bad things to the people by means of ugly devices and by enumerating material benefits of bad and anti-Islamic ideaology. They are motivated by material wealth and have forgotten Allah while the hands of the Believers are purified from the love of wealth and they have no problems making there 5 daily prayers on time.

Then, the Propehy (SAW) is instructed to fight the Unbelievers and the Hypocrites and to be harsh with them in vese 73, since their abobe is none other than Hell. Jihad means to struggle in order to remove an undesireable thing, and according to the general opinion of the Ummat, Jihad of the sword is not prescribed against the Hypocrites who express Islam by tongue but they ar enot Muslims by heart, nor did it happen during the days of the Prophet (SAW). Only if the Hypocricy becomes very clear and is made public, then Jihad by sword can be done against them, although in this verse a harsh attitude is reccomended to be adopted against the Hypocrites (war of Tabuk opened the hypocricy of the Hypocrites). The Holy Prophet (SAW) was very lenient about the Hypocrites because outwardly they also shower themselves as Muslims and claimed to belong with them. When they assumed open infidelity, shalessness and animosity at the time of Tabuk, the Prophet (SAW) was instructed to be harsh in their case. These haughty souls could not be impressed by good morality and lneient behavoir. They required some harshness for correction.

SubhanAllah… this is where patience comes in…and Hope. Hypocricy can be cured…with the help of Allah

Verses 85-89 talk about going for Jihad when it is prescribed and clear, but people refuse to go. Allah says that “they are pleased to tarry with the tarrying women, and a seal is put on their hearts, so they do not understand. ” During the time of the Prophet (SAW) some men would even say “Sir, leave us here in Medina, ” and expressed their shamelessness and cowardness as soon as they heard about Jihad by wanting to thrust into their homes with the women inmates of their house.

This condition of the heart is a result of falsehood, hypocricy, sitting back form Jihad, and disobedience to the Messenger of God (SAW). Consequently, Allah has set a seal on their hearts when these internal diseases reached their climax and now all chances of turning back to guidance are lost. Whats more is that Allah addresses them and their nafs straight up: they’d rather sit around at home, marry their 4 wives (whom on Jihad is not fardh because they have children, etc, unless enough men aren’t going out – which is the case of the Ummah today) and enjoy themselves in this world while ignoring their duties as BELIEVERS.

What pisses me off if man is arrogant enough to feel he deserves a virgin wife while he only “claims to be virgin” but @ the same time he may have all the experience in the world (and only Allah knows how he obtained such knowledge – but it definitely looks bad on his part…) He is arrogant enough to lie his way through anything in order to assure he gets what he wants. He is arrogant enough to put off Hijrah and Jihad for the sake of Allah until “later” but will rush to get a second and third wife because he has an animalistic need to make love 24/7. And if he sees that maybe its hard on the first wife to accept it or she feels a little jealous because of it (which is the nature of women and even occured amongst the wives of the Prophet (SAW) to an extent) then he will say she is incapable of accepting the Qu’ran and Sunnah to the fullest and he will question her Eman and her Islam and her ability to live for the sake of Allah – when he can’t even respond to the call of Jihad and his only intention to marry many women is to relieve his sexual desires and enjoy the life of this world.

The verse that speaks out to me is verse 91-92, ” There is no sin on the weak, nor on the sick, nor on those who have nothing to expend, when tehy are clear of heart with God and His Messenger; there is no blame against the good-doers; and God is Forgiving, Kind. And neither on those that when they came to thee that thou would mount on them, thou said: “I have nothing to mount you on;” they turned away and tears flowed from their eyes in grief that they found nothing to expend.” It is given in authentic tradition that the Holy Prophet (SAW) addressed the Mujahideen while going to Tabuk and said “You have left such a people behind you who are your partners in the Thawab at every step of yours. That people is with you when you put a step in the way of God, or you cross a jungle, or you walk on a narrow track (in this expedition). These are those men whom reasonable drawbacks checked them from accompanying you.”


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