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theres no place like home… theres no place called home…
not when you’re all alone…theres no place called home…
when your heart is so broken, and when reality has sunk in…
i being to realize that I have no home….

Oh Allah, can I seek shelter in Your home? the one You provide for those whom You love? the homes that are reserved for only the special ones?

theres no place called home… I’m just all alone…
I wish to be with those who find themselves a home…
they search near and far… they place their trust in Allah…
they know the journey’s hard… but a vision, they saw…

the worlds a cruel place, so theres no place like home….
the worlds filled with emptiness, how can this place be home?

everywhere I go, I see the same thing, no love…
and when I think I found home, I find out I’m terribly wrong….

even when I’m with you, or when I’m with them
I never seem to feel fully accepted…. fully content…

I just want to go home… please accept me in Your home….
I would die to live in that home…


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