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If you stay steadfast upon the truth and remain patient during trials, the pain will disappear, and the fatigue will go, and there will remain for you the reward In Shā’ Allāh. Ibn Al-Qayyim says, “And because there is no escape from the pain in full, Allāh Subhānahu comforts whoever chooses the easy, temporary pain over the great, continuous pain with His Statement:

مَنْ كَانَ يَرْجُو لِقَاءَ اللهِ فَإِنَّ أَجَلَ اللهِ لَآتٍ وَهُوَ السَّمِيعُ الْعَلِيمُ
Whoever hopes for the Meeting with Allāh, then Allāh’s Term is surely coming. and He is the All-Hearer, the All-Knower. [11]

So He made an ending for the period of suffering, and this ending must come, and it is the Day of His meeting, where the slave will then savor the greatest delight over the pain he endured for His Sake and for His pleasure, and his delight and happiness and jubilation will be in accordance with the suffering he endured for Allāh. And He affirmed this consolation and diversion with the hope of His meeting, so that the slave would carry his longing for the meeting with his Lord and Protector over bearing the hardship of the brief pain. Rather, perhaps the longing for His meeting prevents [the slave] from witnessing the pain or feeling it [12]. And because of this, the Prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم asked His Lord for the longing for His meeting, so he said in the supplication that Ahmad and Ibn Hibbān narrated, “Allāhumma, I ask you by you knowledge of the unseen, and your Power over the creation, cause me to live so long life is better for me, and cause me to die if death is better for me, and I ask You [to grant me] the fear of you in private and in the public, and I ask You for the word of Truth during [times of] anger and during [times of] contentment, and I ask You for moderation during poverty and wealth, and I ask you for comfort that does not cease, and I ask You for a delight of the eyes that does not end, and I ask You for pleasure after [Your] Decree, and I ask You for a good life after death, and I ask You for the delight of gazing upon Your Face, and I ask you for the longing for Your meeting, without any harmful tribulation or misleading trial. Allāhumma, adorn us with the adornment of Faith, and make us guides who are upon [the correct] guidance.” [An-Nasā’ī 3/54-55; Ahmad 4/364. Sahīh An-Nasā’ī 1/281; Sahīh Al-Jāmi’ #1301]



in Surah Taubah, Allah says that “Men of Eman and Woman of Eman are the helpers of one another, they teach good and forbid the evil and keep Salat and give Zakat and obey the order of God and His Messenger. These are those people who God shall have Mercy. No doubt, Allah is All Powerful, All Wise.” (71)

The verse comes right after the verses that explain the vices of the Hypocrites, since the Hypocrites teach vice while the Believers teach virtue. The hypocrites try to make the people averse to Eman and good deeds by presenting a horrible picture of Eman and Islam. They teach bad things to the people by means of ugly devices and by enumerating material benefits of bad and anti-Islamic ideaology. They are motivated by material wealth and have forgotten Allah while the hands of the Believers are purified from the love of wealth and they have no problems making there 5 daily prayers on time.

Then, the Propehy (SAW) is instructed to fight the Unbelievers and the Hypocrites and to be harsh with them in vese 73, since their abobe is none other than Hell. Jihad means to struggle in order to remove an undesireable thing, and according to the general opinion of the Ummat, Jihad of the sword is not prescribed against the Hypocrites who express Islam by tongue but they ar enot Muslims by heart, nor did it happen during the days of the Prophet (SAW). Only if the Hypocricy becomes very clear and is made public, then Jihad by sword can be done against them, although in this verse a harsh attitude is reccomended to be adopted against the Hypocrites (war of Tabuk opened the hypocricy of the Hypocrites). The Holy Prophet (SAW) was very lenient about the Hypocrites because outwardly they also shower themselves as Muslims and claimed to belong with them. When they assumed open infidelity, shalessness and animosity at the time of Tabuk, the Prophet (SAW) was instructed to be harsh in their case. These haughty souls could not be impressed by good morality and lneient behavoir. They required some harshness for correction.

SubhanAllah… this is where patience comes in…and Hope. Hypocricy can be cured…with the help of Allah

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grey is shade that the world often takes
when the clouds soak up the water from the oceans and the lakes
when the body needs relief from its worldly aches
when the eyes can’t produce tears for all that it partakes

bitter cold turns these tears into snowflakes

when the mind starts to identify all that is fake
when the soul starts to reflect on its mistakes
when the scars on the body indicate that its too late

patience is a smile during a destructive earthquake
when the winds bring change that makes the heart shake
when extinction reaches all that mankind decided to make
when reality meets personal interpretation and causes it to break

heart breakers are those who claim mistakes will never erase
when change is embraced after all that was faced
when the individual received the lessons it needed to taste
when chaste is no match for making ignorance replaced

reform was done only for His sake
for that reason I will forever be misplaced
thus my need to protect myself from disgrace
I shall live in this world as a prisoner encased.

heart attack

Heart Attack

The pain of loving for the sake of Allah when they don’t love you back
The pain of holding on when you start to get off track
The pain the heart feels when it’s under attack
from sin and anger and it begins to turn black
The fear – oh the fear – what if I can’t get it back?
The pain provides me with a smack to get back on track
My heart desires to find the root and declare an attack
fists clenched, face drenched, all dressed in black
Approach with the best tactic, attack from the back

Leave those who helped guide away from the right track
Dropping bombs on my Eeman like my heart was Iraq?
I’d rather be among the souls who Jannah attracts!
Instead of those whose faces turn black when presented with the facts.

The emotional pain – my heart will always react
The pain the heart feels when it thinks of the Abstract
The pain caused by external factors that leave unfortunate impacts
The fear- oh the fear- am I selfish for wanting to subtract
all the sources of the realities that pain my heart and distract?

The pain of putting forth efforts to prevent another heart attack.


books I want inshAllah, once I get my money right…:::
Glimpses of the Lives of Righteous People
Stories from Islamic History
Stories of Repentance
the Remembrance of Death and the Afterlife


When I was faced with a difficult situation, lots of stress, and failure – I cried and complained instead of praising Allah….

that shows how far I really am from the good path,

I wish I could be better.

“The One who does good when displeased,

How will He be when pleased?”

[The key to Paradise by Ibn Rajab Al-Hanbali]

style done freely * freestyle

I fell the for the lines, the ideas, the lies, still playing at the top of my minds’ headlines. I’m bound by chains as a slave to this madness, of serious climbing that led to transgress, and a hard slap in the face, to break the ego built on praise. Fooled to think the good outweighed, but I was in the shadow of the path that looks just like the right way, and I’m glad there wasn’t a reason for me to stay, instead there was a message to receive because of a message that was conveyed. Outer skins’ everything but dolce, and the reality lies in the x-ray, although the interpretation depends on the beholders’ claim. Reminder to do everything for the sake of defame, rather than worthless acts done in vain, and although the journey has been well tread, disguises can cause one to be misled. Eyes wide open before any blood shed, still time for amends and to leave regrets unsaid.